do cats cause infertility in women and men?

Do cats cause infertility in women and men?
Do cats cause infertility in women and men

It has recently spread that breeding cats causes sterility for men and women as well. It is said that they contain germs that affect pregnant women and lead to miscarriage if pregnancy occurs, but despite the spread of this belief.

 it has not been scientifically proven and has no medical origin that has been documented medically in studies published medical.

Do cats cause infertility in women and men?

Do cats cause infertility
Do cats cause infertility

Or the so-called toxoplasma is a parasitic infection, this type of parasite lives in the intestines of cats infected with toxoplasma, and not all cats are infected, so cats become infected with the parasite.

 because of raw food or foods of unknown origin and processed meat, and when a pregnant woman comes into contact with the feces of infected cats, the infection occurs and she is infected with the same parasite Fear becomes here for the fetus from deformities and birth defects.

Humans suffer from this disease, whether they are men or women, but it is not sterility, it is toxoplasmosis or a parasite that is in the intestines of cats, and therefore this disease appears in men through a group of symptoms, including:


High temperature.

Fatigue and tiredness.

swollen lymph nodes.

Rash and allergy.

Feeling of blurred vision.

Exposure to cramps and trembling in the extremities.

These symptoms occur in both women and men, but the symptoms for women only, in addition to those mentioned above, are the occurrence of miscarriage, especially in the first months of pregnancy, and not infertility.

Methods of transmission of the Toxoplasma microbe to humans (the parasite responsible for cat disease).

As we said, the Toxoplasma parasite is not necessarily transmitted through cats only, but is found in a group of other things that cause abortions and other diseases.

The main reason for the transmission of the Toxoplasma parasite may be eating processed meat of unknown origin that many people accept, such as burgers, luncheon meats, sausages, and other processed meats, due to the lack of control over the manufacture of these products.

Some people eat raw and undercooked meat, believing that the benefits are greater when eating it like this, but when it is raw and undercooked, the parasite is highly active, thus infecting the human body with toxoplasmosis.

One of the main reasons for the parasite being transmitted to the human body is drinking milk without boiling it, given that this parasite is found in livestock and thus is transmitted to milk and from the milk to the human body.

The microbe is transmitted to the pregnant mother through any of the methods mentioned previously, and thus it is transmitted from the mother to the fetus through the placenta through which the fetus is nourished, and thus the fetus is exposed to miscarriage or death immediately after birth, or sometimes it is born with mental or physical deformities.

Eating vegetables and fruits that are not cleaned well helps greatly in the transmission of the parasite to the human body.

One of the main ways of infection, which blames cats, is to clean the place of cat litter carelessly and without sterilizing the hands afterwards.

Cats do not cause infertility

Cats do not cause infertility
Cats do not cause infertility

The woman may be primarily infected with the parasite, but it does not appear in a satisfactory form except with the occurrence of pregnancy.

When pregnancy occurs, the parasite is in a state of activity and thus causes miscarriage, especially in the first months of pregnancy, or exposure to deformities in the fetus, but it does not affect reproductive ability and does not cause infertility. For men or women.

And we have provided important information about cat disease, which is scientifically known as toxoplasmosis, methods of prevention and what are its most common causes, and how the disease is transmitted from animals to humans.