7 things cats hate in humans!!!

7 things cats hate in humans
7 things cats hate in humans

We will get to know me, Does your cat seem upset and unhappy? Is he engaging in negative habits or neglecting to follow the bathroom rules that you previously taught him? If you're wondering what's bothering your cat.

 it might be the same thing that's bothering you at home: things like dirty bathrooms, loud, loud music, or stale food.

  Cats and humans have more things in common that annoy them than you think, and you might also do some things.

 Which cats hate and cannot tolerate at all, sometimes unintentionally, which changes the cat’s mood and behavior.

 Do not worry. In this article, we will review with you the most important things that humans do that cats hate to bring your cat back to fun, happiness, and activity again.

1- Cats hate loneliness

Cats hate loneliness
Cats hate loneliness

Contrary to the popular belief that cats are animals that prefer solitude, and although you can indeed leave your cat alone at times and frequently without the cat getting annoyed, unlike dogs, for example, in general, cats always crave attention from their owner and spend time with him. From time to time, she can also feel the love and attention of humans towards her.

 If the cat is left alone for long periods of time and repeatedly, the cat may develop a feeling of sadness and always seem lethargic, and it may become depressed.

If you have a busy schedule, be sure to save a few minutes on a daily basis to spend time with your cat, even if 15 minutes are allotted for playing time with the cat.

 It will make a big difference in the cat’s psychological state, and you will notice that he is always happy and healthy. You can also make an adoption option. Another cat in your mind, providing your cat with company all day long.

2- Cats hate a dirty litter box

Cats hate a dirty litter box
Cats hate a dirty litter box

If you are neglecting to clean the litter box or cat litter box, this may be the reason behind your cat's apparent unhappiness.

 Put yourself in the cat's shoes, having to use dirty public bathrooms is something that can bother you and affect your mood throughout the day, right? This is the case for cats as well, as cats are clean animals by nature and keep themselves and their surrounding environment clean.

It is important to make sure to clean your cat's litter box or litter box on a daily basis, or at least every other day, depending on the number of cats you have and the number of times they go to the bathroom. The burden of cleaning cat litter more frequently daily.

Keeping your cat's litter box clean at all times does not depend only on picking up dirt from it on a daily basis, but you must clean the cat litter in the litter box periodically, at least once every two weeks, or more frequently if you have more than one cat in the house.

3- Cats hate spoiled food

Cats hate spoiled food
Cats hate spoiled food

Of course, you would not want to eat from a large plate of food that contains only spoiled food, and this is the case for your cat as well.

 Eating spoiled or expired cat food is not only unpleasant because of the bad taste, but it can also be a source of infection and disease for your cat.

Spoiled food may contain high amounts of bacteria such as salmonella and staphylococci that grow in cat food over time if you open the food tray and leave it exposed for a long period of time in the cat's food dish. These types of microbes can cause serious intestinal infections and poisoning if the cat ingests them.

 And the possibility of food spoiling quickly increases during the summer period due to the heat of the weather.

Therefore, when you provide meals to your cat, make sure that the expiry and expiration dates on the food packages are correct, whether it is dry food or wet food.

 If you notice that your cat leaves food residue after each meal, reduce the amount of food slightly in the meals as you can. Seek advice from a veterinarian to estimate the amount of food needed for your cat at each meal, according to its type, breed, age, and activity level.

4- Cats hate bitter and disgusting medicine

Cats hate bitter and disgusting medicine
Cats hate bitter and disgusting medicine

Whether your cat is on medication for an occasional health condition such as a seasonal cold or an intestinal infection, or he is on medication for a chronic health problem that requires continuous, regular doses of a particular medication, always try to make the medication experience for your cat a fun and happy one.

In the first, train the cat to relax when you hold his face or mouth, as happens when taking medication. You can do this by emotionally linking the cat between this movement and the time of reward, and then set a schedule for the medications on a daily basis so that the cat develops its daily expectations.

 if you With these things and still having trouble giving your cat his daily medication, invest in cat treats that have hidden holes to put the pills in.

5- Cats hate playing aggressively

Cats hate playing aggressively
Cats hate playing aggressively

Playing with the cat in an aggressive manner or exaggerating in petting it may sometimes annoy the cat greatly.

 You must have noticed that the cat only lets you pet him in some places, which are concentrated around the face and neck, and if you approach some other places on his body, the cat will show signs of anger, such as hissing. Meowing, biting and scratching, so be careful not to approach those places during foreplay.

Cats caress each other around the face and neck, and they clearly dislike caressing all parts of the body, especially along their vertebral chain. Therefore, be sure to touch your cat only in permitted places during playtime, and try to understand his signal when he is upset about some of the actions you do.

6- Cats hate competition with other cats

Cats hate competition with other cats
Cats hate competition with other cats

Cats may feel jealous of other cats if they always have to compete to take toys, food, or even the attention of humans, and this jealousy may appear in the form of aggressive actions towards other cats or towards humans, for example.

 if your cat feels threatened or jealous of another cat outside The house and your cat was unable to attack it may direct its anger and aggression towards another cat in the house.

7- Cats hate loud sounds

Cats hate loud sounds
Cats hate loud sounds

From the sounds of thunderstorms to loud human arguments and the sounds of fireworks, too much loud noise can greatly upset your cat and cause chronic stress, which is manifested in many behavioral and health problems that include mood swings, aggression, depression, hair loss, excessive grooming and loss of appetite .

Try to keep the place next to the cat always quiet, even if it seems difficult to you. Cats love peace, quiet and comfort, so avoid playing music loudly, raising the volume on the TV, or causing noise when guests come to your house.

 You should also keep cats indoors in a place Safe and quiet during bad weather.