7 Weird Things Cats and Dogs Do

7 Weird Things Cats and Dogs Do
 7 Weird Things Cats and Dogs Do

Animals sometimes make us laugh and sometimes they make us confused by asking “why does he do that?”. And it is that they have some occurrences that surprise us, because they do strange things that we cannot understand but that in most cases lead us to burst out laughing.

Would you like to know some of these strange things that animals do? In this article we will talk especially about dogs and cats .

Weird things dogs do

Removing food from the feeder

Cats and Dogs
Cats and Dogs

This is behavior we never understand. When we adopt a dog, we buy him everything he needs with all our love, including feeders , although why if he doesn't use it?

There is no scientific reason to recognize the causes of this behavior. However, different professionals have deduced that this may be caused by his pack mentality. When wolves (ancestors of dogs) hunted for prey, the less dominant wolves might pick out a piece of meat and take it away to eat elsewhere in private to avoid someone snatching it away.

Another reason why your dog may do this is because perhaps the sound of his identification tags or his collar bothers him when he approaches his feeder and he prefers to eat outside.

kick after doing your little things

Whenever we take our dog out to do his little things , after the poop he begins to drag his legs backwards like crazy. Why do they do this? If you realize this is something that cats also do in their litter box to "order" their affairs. Well, this is one of the reasons why dogs do it in addition to marking the territory.

Thanks to the pads on their feet, they will release pheromones that will let all the other dogs that pass by know that this is your dog's territory.

The strangest things cats do

stare into space

All cats do this. They leave their fixed gaze lost at a point that we don't even know if it exists or not and we can't help but look at it while we wonder: What is he looking at?

There are those who believe that they are capable of seeing spirits and others only abide by their distrust. They are on the lookout, always on the lookout, just in case.

Lift his butt up while we caress him

Have you noticed that your cat raises its butt and tail when we caress it? One of the weird things cats like to do, why? This gesture is the same as that made by females who want to have sex, but your cat imitates it in friendship symbolism, indicating that he likes what you are doing to him and that he appreciates you.

they eat everything

Cats and Dogs

It doesn't matter if the food that is in his feeder is his favorite or of excellent quality, if your cat gets it into his head to eat the plastic, wool or any other object that is out there, nothing will change his mind.

This behavior can be associated with despair at wanting to breastfeed again, or so the experts say. It can also be a cause of anxiety, boredom or stress.

walking at night

It is possible that this is one of the strange things that bothers us the most, especially if our floor is made of wood. And it is that cats are nocturnal , although sometimes we do not even see them sleep during the day.

It is their hunting instinct that makes them act that way. They will if they spend a lot of time during the day alone, although house cats will usually get used to our schedules.

strange postures

How many photos of cats have you seen on the internet rolled up in a towel or hanging upside down from a bed? This behavior for them is not strange because they are super flexible and only what seems extremely uncomfortable to us is the most comfortable thing in the world for them. To do? Let him rest and put his photo on your favorite social networks.